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Bible Electives
Sunday Bible Electives

MARKed for Action
With Dan Seager and Team

The Book of Job
With Adrian Gocan

Ladies Class: James
With Larry and Pat Kuechlin

In addition to our adult Sunday Bible Electives, the following classes are offered for children and youth during our 9 a.m. Sunday school hour:

Nursery, Ages 0-2
Preschool Class, Ages 3-4 (Gayle Holmes, teacher)
K - 2nd Grade Class (Sandi Biggerstaff, teacher)
3rd - 6th Grade Class (Bob Frankeberger, teachers)
Junior High, Awana Trek Class (
Jason Ricafranca, teacher)
High School & College students are invited to join an elective class

These Bible classes will take place from May-August.
If you're not attending a class, you're invited to join any time!

Click here to find a map of our church facility

Every Sunday morning!

8:50-9:10 AM 

Coffee and donuts are served on the church patio
for a time to say "Hi" to friends and chat.

9:10-10:00 AM 
Teachers open the class with prayer and
lead the study through their topic.
Sunday Bible Elective Audio, May-August 2015

Safari Through Proverbs
With Mike Herring

One Anothers
With Jeff Coulter

Your Divine Design, May-June
Electives Resume, July-August

Colossians: Holding Fast to Christ
With Doug Eaton

Christ + Nothing: The Five Solas
With Glen Rudy, Dan Seager, Jeff Saltzmann,
Lance Saltzmann, and Mike Herring

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, January-April 2015

"Pictures of Christ"
With Doug Eaton

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, September-December 2014

"Holiness: Seeking the Saviors Likeness"
With Doug Eaton

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, May-August 2014

"Conversational Apologetics"
With Eric Garcia

"The Wonderful Cross"
With Jeff Coulter, Bob Frankeberger, and Jeff Coulter


Sunday Bible Elective Audio, January-April 2014

"Pilgrim's Progress"
Walking with Christian to the Celestial City
With Doug Eaton
Click here for class resources

"God in Us"
With Pastor Jeff Saltzmann, Jeff Coulter, Joe Jacobson, Sr.
Glen Rudy, and Bob Edmiston 

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, September-December 2013

"Kingdom Authority"
The Teachings and Miracles of Jesus Christ (Matthews Gospel)
With Doug Eaton

"The Hand of God"
Finding God's Care in All Circumstances (Genesis 37-50)
With Jeff Coulter, Eric Garcia, Bob Frankeberger, and Pastor Jeff Saltzmann

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, May-August 2013

"Overview of Wisdom Literature" 

with Glen Rudy
Sunday Bible Elective Audio, January-April 2013

"The Book of Acts - An Overview"
with Chaplain Chuck McIlhenny

"The Sermon on the Mount"
with Doug Eaton
Fellowship Hall

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, September-December 2012

"The Truth about Man"
with Glen Rudy
"Psalms: Pursuing the Heart of God"
with Doug Eaton

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, June-August 2012

"The Gospel According to Isaiah"
with Glen Rudy
"Hebrews: Persevering in the Faith"
with Doug Eaton
"Philippians: Resources Through Suffering"
with Pastor Alvin Colston


Sunday Bible Elective Audio, January - May 2012

The Spiritual Disciplines. 
Pastor Alvin Colston; David Montgomery-Scott; Rod Gomez; Scott Kesselring, co taught.
Knowing God: Intro to the Doctrine of God. 
Joe Jacobson, teacher.
The Story: Old Testament Overview
Richard Kryder, teacher.

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, September - December 2011

Rooted in the Truth: Intro to Christian Doctrine
Doug Eaton, teacher.
God's Unshakable Kindgom, Pt. 2: Daniel 7-12. 
Steve Marsh, teacher.
Family Driven Faith
Alvin Colston, teacher.

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, May - August 2011

The Beginning of Wisdom: Learning the Fear of the Lord
Dr. Eric Engleman, teacher.
Mining for Gold: Accurately Digging in the Genres of Scripture.  
Glen Rudy, teacher.
Ephesians: God's Riches for Spiritual Malnutrition
Alvin Colston, teacher.

Sunday Bible Elective Audio, January - April, 2011

1 & 2 Peter: Strength for the Struggle
Doug Eaton, Teacher
Parables in Luke: What Jesus Said and Why
David Montgomery-Scott, Teacher
Daniel 1-7: Unshakable Confidence in God's Unshakable Kingdom, Pt.1
Steve Marsh, Teacher
Romans: The Righteousness of God
Alvin Colston, Teacher

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