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Worshiping God.  Proclaiming Christ.  Uniting Believers.

9:00 A.M. "In-Person" on Patio

10:45 A.M. Live Stream Only

Please RSVP for our 9 A.M Service!

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Worship Service

SUNDAY, 10:30 A.M.

Gathered Sunday services have reopened!  Attendence is limited for the time being, so please find the yellow button above to RSVP.  Our live-stream continues at 10:45 a.m.   
Read the ongoing Bethel Grace response to COVID-19 here.

We enjoy the serious contemplation of Scripture, heartfelt singing, and loving fellowship each time we gather together.  We have a blended service musically that includes contemporary praise teams and timeless hymns led by choir and orchestra.  Attire at our services ranges from dressy to casual. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you. 

Join us this Sunday for a message from our series "Into the Whirlwind."  This series is being led by Pastor Jeff from the Old Testament book of Job. 

Info for first time guests can be found here

Sunday Bible Communities

SUNDAYS, 9:00 A.M.

(These groups have either paused temporarily or moved online.)   

Sunday Bible Communities exist to strengthen men and women in the knowledge of God’s truth while providing an important venue for ongoing connection, support and fellowship.

Most Sunday Bible Communities take part in The Gospel Project.  Visit our Sunday Bible Communities page for a description of each class and more info about The Gospel Project.

DOXA: Junior and Senior High Students (Paused)
Lead Teacher: Chris Powers
Meeting Place: M-3

J-Walkers: 20s & 30s  (Online, Selected Sundays)

Lead Teachers: Doug Eaton, Armando Gutierrez and Wyatt Smeaton.
Meeting Place: C-4

Faith Builders: 40s & 50s  (Online, Sunday Evenings)
Lead Teachers: Jeff Coulter & Darrel Nishimoto
Meeting Place: M-5

Cornerstone: 60s +  (Paused)
Lead Teachers: Glen Rudy & Howard Yamaguchi
Meeting Place: C-3 


Ladies’ Class (Paused)
Class Leaders: Larry and Pat Kuechlin
Meeting Place: C-2
Current Study: The Book of Revelation 

Children's Ministry (Paused)

Nursery.  Patty Powell & Qualified Caregivers.  Location: O-2. 
Preschool-Kindergarten Class.  Gayle Holmes & Anitha Alagala, Class Leaders.  Location: O-1
1st-5th Grade Class.  Sandi Biggerstaff & LaVerne Otis, Class Leaders.  Location: M-1



Fellowship Groups


Home Fellowship Groups provide a context where biblical discipleship, loving fellowship, and mutual encouragement may occur.  

Each group meets in a host home on a schedule set by the group members.  Most groups meet twice a month on a weeknight to pray for each other and dig in the applicaiton questions of the Sunday sermon.  Groups begin in October and will meet through May or June before taking a Summer sabbatical.

Please visit our Home Fellowship Group page for more information.

Home Fellowship Groups

This week's questions for study and fellowship:
Sunday, September 13th Message: "The Integrity that Holds" (Job 2:1-10)
Sunday, September 20th Message: "The Anguish of Obedience (Job 2:11-3:26)

"The Anguish of Obedience"
Job 2:10-3:26

September 20, 2020
with Pastor Jeff Saltzmann

Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 A.M.!