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Visiting Bethel Grace

NOTE: This page describes our Sunday services under usual conditions.   Find our approach during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

SUNDAY SERVICE, 10:30 A.M. - 11:45 A.M. (ish)

Our main worship service is the typical entryway into the church.  (After checking out the website of course!)  We look forward to your visit!  Typically, we have close to 200 people attending our 10:30 a.m. service.  That's close to a full house so we encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes early to get an open seat.  Our ushers will be happy to assist you.  Attire at our services ranges from dressy to casual.  Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you.   

Opening.  The service begins at 10:30 a.m. sharp with a couple praise songs.  Then the leader will invite everyone to greet a few others before being seated.  This is a quick and joyful 30 second time of saying hello to the people around you.   Then a few ministry highlights will come from a church leader.  After that, typically our choir and orchestra lead several more songs of praise.

Offering.    Offering plates are passed during an instrumental song.  This is a time for devoted Christians and church members to give to support the ministry at Bethel Grace and abroad to our city and world.   Feel no obligation or compulsion to give at all.  Please just sit back and be our guest.

Sermon.  The Sunday sermon is typically 35-45 minutes in length.  We go verse by verse through the books of the Bible.  The goal is to go back into the historical context of the Bible and understand exactly what the text was intending to say.  Then we bring it back into our time to understand the Bible's relevance and application in our lives.

Closing.  We finish with a song and Pastor Jeff closes the service with a word of blessing.  Then everyone is dismissed.  We offer prayer support in Room C-3, a room to the right of the foyer as you walking out of the sanctuary.  You can find encouragement and support here for any challenges you might be experiencing or any decisions you've made in your walk with God.


10:30-11:45 A.M.  Children's Church

Little ones.  Nursery care is offered for infants and toddlers.  A Preschool/Kindergarten class is offered for 3-5 year olds.  Infants-Kindergarten children can be dropped of at their classes (Rooms O-1 & O-2) beginning at 10:15 a.m. and picked up immediately following the worship service.  The Nursery & Preschool/Kindergarten class is held over in the building resembling a house across the driveway from the sanctuary.  (Wait a minute!  A house?  At one time it was the parsonage home for pastors on this property back in the 1960s-70s.  Since then it's been converted to a office area and children's ministry facility!)  So the young kids are over in that area.  Look for the nursery sign over the door. 

Bigger kids.  We invite kids 1st-6th grade to sit with their parents for the first half of the worship service as we sing together.  Then they are dismissed by the worship leader to their classes before the sermon begins.  Our teachers escort the kids to their class and parents pick them up after the service in (M-1) Modular Room 1. 

All of our Children's church classes are using The Gospel Project Curriculum.